Relaxing to The Erhu

I stay with my friend Tony for most of the week in Panyu, a district in Canton, China [Guangzhou], to practise Ashtanga yoga. Tonight we decided to go for a walk and have some beer. We sat in the gardens in his apartment complex and drank while listening to someone play the erhu from a nearby balcony. I know I shouldn’t be mixing yoga and beer, but it was quite relaxing. Normally I stick to Wuyi Oolong tea, but once in a while I have a beer or two.

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I tried to, but in the end couldn’t bring myself to do it. After all, there were old people and children about!

Chinglish signs are great! This one is in the temple’s vegan restaurant on Beijing Lu in Canton, China.

Another reason I can’t fathom learning simplified characters: 沖 is simplified by one drop of water. Why would anyone do that? Has the CCP lost their minds? Oh wait…

And toilet [廁 ]is simplified by only 4 strokes. Frustration I tell you!