I arrived in Guangzhou early this morning. I imagine this is what Hell must feel like, only not quite as hot. Luckily I still had the phone number of the hostel I had booked because I had no directions and not even a clue of where it was. The cab driver called for me and they gave directions to him.

The hostel I’m staying at is really just a hotel that bought a “Hostelling International” license to suck in the unwary backpacker. They have only single rooms (no dorms) as their cheapest accommodation, which still costs 95 kuai! To put that into perspective a dorm room in Chengdu costs 15 kuai and a single 30. Oh well. The cabs are some of the most expensive too, but if you are looking for clothes, shoes, or electronics this is the city to get it for cheap! I finally bought some sandals for the showers (ewww). They were Puma and only cost 10 kuai. That’s like $1.25! The real question is are they real? Who cares! At least now I can be sure I won’t get any plantar warts from the showers!

After three weeks I did it. I had Dim Sum in China! Since it’s a Cantonese thing I only wanted to have it here in the south and Hong Kong. The restaurant I went to was more like a shopping mall. It had three floors. Two and a half floors for eating, and half the ground floor was like a seafood grocery store. You order something, they come down here and grab it while it is squirming from the tanks. They had fish the size of a small boy and a live alligator! It was scary. The dim sum was great! The cow stomach was definitely the best I’ve ever tasted!

Yesterday I had to buy a new back pack because the one I have is ripping off at the top shoulder straps. I took that bag to Costa Rica twice and all through the north of China. It will be missed. The new one, however is more like a traveller’s back pack, so it has much more room. Only cost 12 bucks too!

I was able to see the Da Shi art exhibit at the Guangzhou Museum of Art. It was incredible. I love that man! I’m going to make a movie with characters based on his paintings and sculptures. Look for it in a theatre near you. I tried to find some link of examples on the web, but couldn’t find any. I don’t have any pictures either as taking photos was strictly forbidden! I did, however take a picture of some koi in the museum’s garden pond. You can see it below:

Koi Life
Guangzhou is a great city for culture and history, but you’ve got to know your way around. For some reason the guide book I am using doesn’t provide many ideas or options, and presents Guangzhou in a negative way. On Beijing Lu I completely missed the area where layers of street were removed to reveal the road undisturbed, just as it was hundreds of years ago. Each layer removed went back several hundred years. Very disappointing to miss it!

I almost died yesterday due to the heat, so today during the hottest part of the day, I went see a movie. Spider Man 3 in case you were wondering. After that I took a stroll, and I’ve never seen so many shops or 8 floor building complexes so close together selling so much of the same thing. For some reason it seems, in China, shops sell the same things in the same area. And by ‘area’ I mean 8 block radius. So if you want to buy an electronic device and you are in the “shoes” section of town, forget it! You’ve got to walk 8 blocks thataway! Today I passed the “home improvement” section of town. Actually it was more specific than that. The shops sold only front doors. A whole block of shops that sold nothing but front doors! Anyone looking for doors? They’ve got a great selection.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Hong Kong! I’m so excited! I’ll be hanging out with Jackie Chan (yeah right)! I can finally use all of my 5 Cantonese words!

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