The Bus Away from Xiamen

I left Xiamen and arrived in Guangzhou yesterday. Xiamen is a beautiful island on the south east coast of China. I took the ferry to see the smaller island of Gulang Yu. No cars or bikes are allowed there. Only people and carts (and recently…electric go-karts for hauling around tourists). I’ve read that after . . . → Read More: The Bus Away from Xiamen


At 17:30 I arrived in Xiamen. The trip down was horrible. I was only able to sleep in small naps throughout the night sprawled across three chairs in the train. I had to continually reposition myself to avoid my arms and legs going numb.

I had no where to stay as I hadn’t booked a . . . → Read More: Xiamen

Leaving for Xi amen

Today I left the company of my friend Haruki. We were travelling together for 3 days now. He went north to another mountain (I forget the name). I had supper for the last time at the excellent Mr Hu’s Restaurant in Tang Kou. He was an enormous help in securing bus tickets for my friend . . . → Read More: Leaving for Xi amen